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HD Games - Xbox One S - PS4 Pro

On November 22nd 2005 the Xbox 360 was released in the U.S. It was the first mainstream gaming console to deliver 720p HD games, followed by the Playstation 3 on November 17th 2006. I remember buying my first HDTV, a Philips HD-Ready 1080i TV with ‘RealFlat’ screen tube television (30PW8402/37 30), then playing Playstation 2 games wondering why the clarity decreased. This was a result of more detail in each pixel shown on the display and a new 16:9 screen. It displayed black borders on the outside for any TV signal that was not in HD format. It was time to purchase a ‘next gen’ console.

On November 15th 2013 the Playstation 4 was released in the U.S. followed by the Xbox One seven days later. This would be the eighth generation of video game consoles, both producing games in 1080p full HD. Both systems are connected using HDMI 1.4b ports with USB 3.0 ports on board. The Xbox One has HDMI 1.4b out and in ports that enables you to use a split screen feature displaying TV programming or any other HD signal along with games on the screen at the same time. In addition to HD games both support DVD, Blu-ray DVD, CD and online HD streaming service apps. PS4 displays at 4k resolution for videos, movies and pictures only.


Xbox One S logo - HD Games

The original Xbox One has no 4k support but later released the Xbox One S that displays at 4k resolution for videos, movies pictures and games using HDMI 2.oa ports. Xbox One S also supports HDR (high dynamic range) and plays 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. There are HDMI in and out ports so you can send your cable/satellite feed into the Xbox One. This makes it easy to switch between the 2 signals or use them at the same time. The ‘IR Blaster’ is a button at the bottom right of the console that enables you to configure your system to switch between the devices at ease. This console now has bluetooth 4.0 and increases the range of the wireless controllers and devices. Backwards compatibility is also on board now so you can play certain Xbox 360 titles.


Playstation 4 Enhanced logo - HD Games

Sony released the Playstation 4 Pro that also supports HDR, 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling for video content but does not play 4k Ultra HD blu-ray discs. The PS4 Pro  outputs game resolution ranging from 1080p to 1440p and enables game resolution output at native 4K 2160p. The system has Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) increasing the range of wireless controllers and devices and has 1 HDMI 2.0a port to support higher resolution. This power house game system produces faster targeted frame rates, or smoother locked frame rates than the original PS4. In addition it displays intricate imagery which increases the amount of images on the screen at once. It also improves detail making objects in the background more visible. Games with ‘PS4 Pro Enhanced’ icon (shown above) on software packaging may have enhanced visuals, frame rate, HDR 10 support, or increases in resolution.

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When using either one of these powerful consoles you want to get the best out of of your HDTV. To get the full effect of what these systems can do you want to look for a 4K UHD TV that has HDR (high dynamic range), HDMI 2.O/HDMI 2.0a ports and supports HDCP 2.2. You also want a high refresh rate (at least 120hz) to quickly process all the pixels and depth smoothly on HD games. For more info refer to 4K UHD Emerges and FlatScreen 101

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  1. Anton,
    Looking at the two new game consoles, they do have some different features. I have owned both types in their earlier formats, Playstation 2 and Xbox 360. We currently have a Xbox One hooked up in a game room to a 47 inch flat screen. I like the idea of hooking the cable and Xbox together, as my son always leaves the TV turned to his game and I have to change it to watch football, always searching for the remote. I do have a LG 65″ 4K UHD TV in the upstairs living room, house rules that we cannot hook game console to this TV.

    • Hi John,

      We have come a long way since the PS2 and 360 right? Having the ability to run a cable box into the game system is a great idea, it gives you more flexibility between devices. I don’t know which one you have but the original Xbox One does not have 4K compatibility so you don’t really need to hook it up to your UHD upstairs anyways. I bet football looks great on your LG 65″ 4K, it’s the best way to watch it.

      Thanks for visiting


  2. Hi ashaw2g, Thanks for writing this piece on next gen gaming, i myself am a massive gaming fan and cant go a day without playing on my next gen consoles, i myself am more of a ps4 fan. what console would you say you prefer out of two if you had to choose one?

    cheers mate


    • Hi Joshua, Both systems are similar in many ways and support most of the same games. The user interfaces for each system are unique but each provide a great online experience.

      Xbox One has HDMI input and output making it easy to switch from game to cable TV or do both at once. The new Xbox One S is faster, now 4K upscale with HDR and is a “4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player” so if you were going to buy one of these new UHD Blu-ray players I would go with this system.

      PS4 and PS4 Pro are both 4K upscale devices but does not support “4K Ultra HD Blu-ray” discs. I do like the ability to manually upgrade it’s hard drive to a bigger size or even SSD. I have PS4 and easily upgraded the HDD to a 1TB myself. The new “PS4 Pro” is a powerhouse and processes info quicker than the original and supports HDR. Games run smooth and some newer games will be “PS4 Pro enhanced” utilizing more of the system’s power.

      Personally I would choose the PS4 Pro for pure gaming but I think the Xbox One S is a better choice for complete home entertainment,

      Thanks for visiting


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